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A second is all it takes. On EVMs, too.

zkOS by Aleph Zero is the first ZK-privacy EVM-compatible environment able to generate zero-knowledge proofs in under a second.

Working with:
Deutsche Telekom
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by Aleph Zero is the best you can get in on-chain privacy. It helps you build Web3 and decentralized AI applications where the data is truly yours. And it’s so. Fast.

Client-side proving

A state-of-the-art privacy standard for protecting inputs and local computation. It’s yours. It can’t get more private.

UX more than anything

Aleph Zero’s zkOS benchmarks show proof verification time in just 1 second on an average laptop. This is up to 10 times faster than others.

User and enterprise compliance

Optional ZK-ID, powered by idOS and AZERO.ID. For institutions and users alike.

Built to work well with others

zkOS is optimized for multiple apps, from multiple ecosystems. We make privacy easy for you.

Core features

Subsecond proving

ZK proofs are calculated on your device, fast.
Even "600-milliseconds-fast."

ZK-based Privacy

Cutting-edge privacy features without
ZK technology for unprecedented
security and privacy

Low transaction fees

Optimized AZERO gas fees for
every user across EVM and WASM layers.
Abstracted for external integrations

Easily integrable

Designed for fast implementation within
apps. zkToolkit does the hard work, so you
have it easy

Fraud protection

Advanced mechanisms to safeguard against
fraud. idOS-enabled protections also ensure
AML/CFT regulation compliance


Supports both WASM and EVM environments.
Aleph Zero’s unique privacy capabilities
will be everywhere there are innovative

Expanding the ecosystem.

It just makes Aleph Zero and the broader web3 ecosystem better. Here’s how it’s used.


You won’t feel it.And that’s the benefit.

Learn all about the tech that makes zkOS by Aleph Zero so powerful.

Zero Knowledge Proofs
to shield assets, IDs, and transactions
Arbitrum Orbit stack
for EVM compatibility and Ethereum alignment
Aleph Zero
for extremely low latency, cheap storage, and governance
Powered by AZERO
on both the EVM and WASM layers

Here’s how this is going to play out.

Here are the next steps to enabling zkOS for 272M users in the Ethereum and Aleph Zero ecosystems.

In Progress
On-chain governance platform for on-chain voting

Users will be able to vote on key issues–beginning with adjusting inflation as per community consultations.

Aleph Zero EVM Mainnet release

Releasing the Aleph Zero EVM Mainnet with:

  • Block explorer, oracles, account abstraction, multisig with integration of state-of-the-art Safe UI, and full EVM compatibility via Arbitrum Orbit
  • Beginning integration through a major multi-bridge provider
Final release of sync rewrite

Hardening of the Aleph Zero WASM network layer.

Implementing the Foundation Nomination Program

Delivering a solution that nominates the Aleph Zero Foundation’s stake to Community Validators.

On-chain Halo2 verifier testnet deployment

Launching the Halo2 ZK proving framework on-chain.

Highly optimized Poseidon2 implementation and circuit

Launching Poseidon2 precompile and implementation for ZK proving, which is the newest proposal for ZK-friendly hashing that is 30% faster than basic Poseidon.

Testnet launch of the basic privacy MVP

A completely private wallet on testnet, where users can rapidly send and receive tokens–zkID will follow.

Adding bridging of tokens native to Aleph Zero to Ethereum

Enables the bridging of PSP-22 tokens from Aleph Zero to Ethereum.

Go-live of the WASM–EVM layer teleport bridge

Launching a bridge that directly connects Aleph Zero’s WASM layer 1 with Aleph Zero’s EVM layer 2.

To Be Done
Updating the chain’s inflation based on voting results

Putting the community vote conducted in Q3 2024 into effect.

Progressively moving more parts of the project under community management

Adding more parts of the project under community management, beginning with Community Grants distribution.

Finalizing integration with a multi-bridge provider

Go-live of the integration with bridge provider from Aleph Zero to multiple other networks.

Introducing Data Availability Layer on Aleph Zero layer 1

Enabling features for data storage for EVM layer on Aleph Zero layer 1.

ZK-friendly encryption scheme

Adding the encryption scheme as an additional tool in the EVM developer toolbox.

Delivering consistent ZK identity with idOS

Ensuring that ZK-based identity on Aleph Zero is consistent with idOS.

Enabling private operations with arbitrary ERC20 tokens

Adding support to transact privately with ERC-20 tokens.

To Be Done
SDK for community app developers

Releasing the SDK to allow community app developers to integrate privacy into their projects.

The ability to store arbitrary user secrets

Implementing of general-purpose ZK

To Be Done
Adding a decentralized decryption oracle

A decryption oracle allows for the storage of encrypted data on-chain with arbitrary reveals and, possibly, execution conditions. This will enable encrypted trade orders that are only revealed upon execution.

Enabling customizable plugins for privacy

Based on arbitrary data held in zkOS and the decryption oracle, users may define custom logic for their private apps.

Support for private multisig accounts and domains

Native support for private multisig accounts and domain system, which will allow the use of human-readable addresses for private transfers.

Aleph Zero EVM
is live.

Go to the Aleph Zero EVM Testnet and witness the future of Aleph Zero. Play around with our ZK benchmarks. Prepare for usable privacy.